E-commerce shipping: what to know

Un corriere consegna due pacchi a un cliente - spedizioni per e-commerce

You have created your e-commerce, loaded the products and chosen the types of payments accepted, but there is one last thing missing: setting up the shipping methods In order to do it, you must first decide how to manage the shipping of products, by choosing one or more couriers and package delivery services and identify the type of packaging to use. Let’s review together how to navigate the shipping world.

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Pipedrive, the Client Management Software for businesses

Creating a client database with free software programs

client database is an effective tool to collect in a functional manner all the information and data for marketing people, sales agents, customer care, and small and medium sized businesses, using a client management software customized to fit their needs.

Only by submitting sales proposals to the right target audience it is possible to shorten the sales cycle and exponentially increase the turnover of your business.

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Online Payments for e-commerce systems: how to configure them

uomo al lavoro su un laptop

This article is a user guide for online payments in Italy.
The same tools described in this blog will have different settings according to the country of origin.

When choosing the online payments methods to adopt, there are several aspects to consider. Whether you manage a small store or a large e-commerce website, there are a number of functionalities needed and not to be underestimated. Let’s review together which ones.

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