Brand identity: from graphic design to publishing

The graphic design of a company or a brand is what distinguishes the company from its competitors, it represents the company’s identity, and it is what to consumers communicates values, ideas and especially services and associated products.

For this reason the Brand Identity of your company has to be a distinctive feature, result of a detailed analysis of the values, mission, competitors, target and reference market. The result will be the complete graphic design solution, obtained from the analysis of shapes and colors that will give life to a coordinated, recognizable and successful image.

Creating an identity that gathers all the essence of the company or brand in a coherent , clear and efficient way is a fundamental step. We will use our knowledge to create layouts and graphic design project to web or print: the theme will be clear, evocative and attractive, to consolidate the brand, to attract new clients and to become known with some of our clients.

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