Customer loyalty: what it is and how to build it in practical terms

Nowadays, more than in the past, every company must be able to carve out its own market niche by making a difference for the client.  Whether it is a niche product or a mass consumer product, impulse buy sales are fortunately part of the past. For this reason, today more than ever, it is important to talk about customer loyalty.

It is the clientele acquired and conquered that guarantees a long company life over time and most of the turnover. Nevertheless, it is significantly less costly to hold on to an acquired client than to generate a new one; in fact, word of mouth will also play a role in generating new clients from existing ones.

What does customer loyalty mean?

Think of a standard client in a bar asking for “the usual”, or the baker next door who always keeps a loaf of bread aside for us, or a local grocery store that offers home delivery, or the inviting candies in the waiting area of the hairdresser: all of these are customer loyalty building techniques.

A loyal customer is a consumer who typically repeats his/her choice by buying from the same seller.

Building customer loyalty is a process of active and constant marketing that takes place over time, mutually rewarding the company and the client: to be loyal means to have trust but also to be faithful.

Customer loyalty strategies

What motivates a consumer to repeatedly choose the same company? The characteristics of the product, even if of the highest quality, on their own are not enough to attract a consumer.

In the age of virtual relationships, making customers feel at the center and making them feel appreciated at the human level is the basis of any good marketing strategy to build loyalty.

Taking into account the consumer’s needs, providing easy access to information, being present, being clear and communicating an image of stability and reliability are all paramount elements to build a healthy and solid bond with the purchaser. This almost “affectionate” bond transforms the consumer into an actual customer.

How can one build customer loyalty?

1.Making the relationship with the client as human as possible

Little attentions make all the difference: remembering the name of the client, treating them with kindness and gratitude or just smiling at them can easily develop customer loyalty.

2. Leaving room for personalization

Building customer loyalty becomes easier if it will make the customers feel that they are buying something that will make feel unique. Not all products can be customized, but it is always possible to customize the shopping experience.

A few examples? It is possible to send targeted offers, for example on the occasion of anniversaries or birthdays. It is possible to offer personalized packaging and the possibility of choosing the purchasing system, or it is possible to dedicate a reserved area in the e-commerce website (Discover the best CMS for e-commerce).

3. Making clients feel as they are part of a community

Corporate Social Networks and off-line events can be used not only to make the company known, but also to create relationships among clients. Consumer choice of the same brand/product/service can lead clients to identify themselves with the community.

4. Involving the client

Clients will feel appreciated if the company will keep them updated about the latest news. In addition, by showing interest in the clients by collecting feedback, suggestions and opinion surveys, the company will demonstrate to be attentive to their needs with tailored newsletters and Push notifications. ((Did you know that you can use Google forms to create surveys and get answers directly from your clients?)

5. Rewarding clients for their loyalty

Points cards are now a classic strategy to build customer loyalty and they are always effective. Loyalty cards are among the most advanced versions of this system. The principle is always the same: repeated purchases are rewarded with coupons, discounts, gadgets, gifts and sometimes even cash prizes.

The advantage of loyalty cards is that they record purchase habits, which are very useful for the company.

A customer loyalty App

With the large diffusion of the smartphones, apps were created to simplify loyalty programs. With these Apps one can create virtual loyalty cards and making use of a new and technological way to send news and updates.

The advantages of Fidelity Card Application are numerous:

  • Savings compared to traditional management systems;
  • Low start-up costs, no need for plastic cards!
  • Suitable also for a single point of sale;
  • Clients will always have the card with them on their smartphone;
  • With Push notifications they become a direct marketing channel;
  • Visibility on international online stores;
  • They are a smart tool that make your business stand out from the competitors.

Loyalty card apps make customer loyalty even easier by allowing interaction. Clients will be able to all of the following in real time:

  • View the accumulated score and the total number of visits;
  • Know if they reached the threshold for a reward with Push notifications;
  • Be updated on company news and personalized promotions.

Client loyalty successful cases

Let’s review how two very different businesses (a kids’ store and an ice cream parlor) used the Netrising Fidelity Card App to grow their customer loyalty.

IOBIMBO Senigallia

IOBIMBO is a kids’ store based in Senigallia. The need of the company is to allow mothers and new mothers to access promotions and point balance easily and quickly.

Purchases are usually in rather high amounts so it is easy to earn points, as well as to forget them. With the IOBIMBO App, clients can always have the points card information at their fingertips. The App automatically sends personal Push notifications when the threshold to collect rewards is reached. Push notifications are also used to notify of events and discounts.


Rivareno is an ice-cream making parlor committed to maintain high levels of quality, freshness and genuineness at all times.

It enjoys a large and varied clientele and the company has decided to adopt a smarter version of management of promotions and points balance. Clients can access their loyalty card at any time through the Reserved Area of the website, where they can browse the reward catalog and change the profile with their data. Based on one’s points balance there is a related reward.

Request your personalized Fidelity Card App Now!

These two case studies are the right example of storekeeper-customer loyalty. With a simple App, it is possible to directly communicate with your trusted store without the need to always bring with you the points card and clients can be rewarded with customized rewards. If you are interested in having your Personalized Fidelity Card App developed, please fill out the form with your data: Netrising will be pleased to find the perfect solution for you!