Pipedrive, the Client Management Software for businesses

Creating a client database with free software programs

client database is an effective tool to collect in a functional manner all the information and data for marketing people, sales agents, customer care, and small and medium sized businesses, using a client management software customized to fit their needs.

Only by submitting sales proposals to the right target audience it is possible to shorten the sales cycle and exponentially increase the turnover of your business.

There are a variety of open source tools for the management of quotes, contacts and clients; among them, Excel is certainly the most intuitive one.

Most professionals choose to use this software, which allows the possibility to personalize freely the archive based on one’s needs, but let’s review briefly the pros and cons:


  • Ease of use
  • No fees
  • Custom spreadsheets


  • Most clients find it complex
  • Does not provide statistics
  • Comments are not added automatically

It is important to know right from the start if Excel is the most suitable tool for you, by asking yourself a few simple questions.

  1. Do have many clients to manage?
  2. Do I work for a multitude of different partners?
  3. Do I need software flexibility?

If you have answered yes to all the above questions, it is advisable to review your work method.

Relying on a management system for the sales force

Over the years, Netrising witnessed a revolution in the field of client identification: the information is constantly updated and must be accessible from a variety of different devices, at any time.

Relying on a management system for after-sale support makes it possible to submit promotional material automatically: emailsnewsletters and notifications for targeted marketing actions, thus substantially reducing work time. So, like us, you will be able to dedicate yourself fully to your clients!

To respond to these changes in customer care, software developers created the CRMs. To date, the majority of businesses have adapted themselves to this new software, perfect both for B2B and B2C approaches.

What is a CRM?

A CRM, Customer Relation Management software, is used by companies to increase the productivity of their business and exponentially increase sales.

It is not just a client management software but an actual tool for lead generation.

This open source CRM integrates itself with your preferred corporate tools:

  • Client data management
  • Prospecting and telemarketing
  • Leads and negotiations management
  • Documents storage
  • Newsletter management
  • Shared contact mailing list with Outlook and Google Gmail
  • Support Ticket system
  • Automated forms
  • Applications

Based on your type of business, it will not be difficult to identify the one that is most suited for your needs.

Operational and Analytic CRM

CRM are subdivided based on their actual functionality: thus operational CRM or analytic CRM.

An operational CRM is used mostly in marketing, by call center operators or to improve the direct relationship with clients, while an analytic CRM can collect information, data, client trends and thus help in improving customer care.

Therefore, the flexibility of the CRM chosen becomes very important and so does the personalization options it offers. Just like every person has his or her own personality, each company has its own core business. And for every business there is a tool that is most suited to one’s needs.

We have reviewed which ones, in our opinion, represent the leading solutions in the field of Customer Relation Management to offer you a clearer and more detail overview of this innovative software products.

Which is the best CRM software?

There are tens of professional CRM applications, from Salesforce to HubspotPipedriveZohoInfusionsoft or Highrise, each with its own functionalities focused on a specific intended use.

Typically, the providers of this type of product make available a variety of payment plans, depending on the number of contacts in the database, the functionalities needed by the company and the number of corporate figures using the software.

For our company, we chose Pipedrive, a client management software that helps us every day in the organization of information to have a full overview of individuals and companies, so as to be able to better understand the company’s relation with them over time.

Pipedrive is very easy to use and to customize, handy to use also on a mobile device, and it is flexible and constantly improving.

Main functionalities:

  • It manages all sales contacts from a single location; it helps find out who opened the emails and allows saving time by using templates.
  • Thanks to the e-mails, mobile notifications and reminder alarms, it is impossible to forget something important.
  • Configuring it takes less than a minute.
  • Personalize anything, starting from the pipeline phases to the personalized fields, set up Pipedrive to match your sales process, and not the other way around.
  • Our apps allow you to record the calls made to your sales contacts and see where they are in the neighborhood.

Pipedrive offers a free trial with immediate access without credit card required.

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