Portfolio works web agency Netrising

We have chosen some of the most significant case studies to be included in this customer portfolio, highlighting for each one the peculiarities and the technological challenges that the Netrising team has faced to create cutting-edge solutions that respond promptly to market demands.

Over the years we have helped professionals, SMEs, large companies and public public entities to achieve their goals through mobile applications, websites, graphic design and communication projects. Many have chosen us as partners to create apps, web tools and integrated solutions to meet specific needs related to multiple markets: horeca, transport, logistics, industrial automation, vending, retail, fashion and luxury.

Garda pleasure craft tourism app

Personal safety App

Technical assistance management web sites

Gestione corrispettivi per vending machines

Terminals control app

App for management of Custom’s technical interventions

 Accounting firm management web sites and app

Social Communication, Blog and Restaurant App

Netrising makes the difference

For every single client we have developed tools that are highly specialized and easy to integrate with pre-existing platforms.
This strategic vision, which goes beyond the single functionality to favor the design of a complete and coherent system, is the extra step that distinguishes Netrising today as a guide to the entire digital world.

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