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App for the automatic submittal of payment notification

Netrising has developed for Microhard the Accerta™ App, an App for daily reading and Telematic submission of payment notifications of self-service cash desks, coin exchangers and automatic dispensers. It allows vending machine managers to automate the daily reading and submission process keeping track of the submissions performed and the outcome.

App Microhard - Modulo di accesso con Codice Fiscale / P. IVA e PIN
App Microhard - Elenco prossime letture corrispettivi
Promemoria prossime letture
App Microhard - Modulo inserimento manuale corrispettivi
Modulo per la trasmissione
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Avant-garde Vending Projects

MicroHard™, established in 1983 as a design studio specialized in industrial electronics and software, immediately stood out for its leading role in the development of software for the online gaming sector gaining extraordinary success across Italy.

Nowadays, the company is a leading design, manufacturing and sales company at the international level. In addition, it hosts in-house a development area dedicated to custom projects, particularly focused on outdoor machines.

Telematic submission of payment notifications with App

The ACCERTA™ App provides all the tools needed to submit data to the Revenue Agency. It allows reading the daily values of payments received directly through the device where it is installed, connecting itself via Bluetooth™. Alternatively, the data can be read directly from the vending machine displays and entered manually.

ACCERTA™ allows complying at all times with tax regulations regarding the submission of daily payment notifications to the Revenue Agency. The technical solution has been designed for managers of 24/7 automatic dispensers, for service areas and car wash facilities with coin exchangers, payment centrals, vending machines not connected directly online and not setup for automatic submission.

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