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App for the safety of railway personnel

Netrising has developed for the ÖBB Austrian Federal Railways an app to assist railway personnel in emergency situations. The App for Android™ supplies operators performing hazardous tasks a safety tool with different types of SOS alarm, tracking the GPS geolocation to locate the position of the alarm.

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ÖBB - Austrian Federal Railway

ÖBB - Personenverkehr AG is the largest Austrian mobility services company

ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) transports more than 500,000 travelers every day from Italy to Austria and vice versa. The employees are more than 40,000, the network used is about 5,700 km long, of which 57% electrified. The company transports about 188 million passengers a year.

The ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG is the passenger transport division.

Smartphone SOS app

Emergency app for personal safety

Netrising has developed the GPS App for personal safety following ÖBB’s requests:

Pannello di configurazione

Emergency alarm

The App allows the operators responsible for the automatic ticket machines (cash loading/unloading and tickets) to activate different types of alarms for different types of emergency situations or hazards.


GPS Geolocation of the operators

The app allows GPS monitoring of the position of the device for remote control and to gather the coordinates of the alarm location.

The result is a monitoring and safety tool for labor sector: an Android app that interprets the smartphone’s hardware data (rotation, acceleration) and, in case of emergency, activates one of the configured SOS alarms. At the same time, the App is able to save the detected location in the device and, in the event of an alarm, is able to send it to the server.

There are 5 alarm modes: manual noiseless alarm; manual sound alarm; alarm following impact; alarm following extended lack of movement; noiseless alarm after a combination of keys from the locked phone. The activation of the alarm will coincide with the automatic sending of the SMS to the safety numbers set.

All the operating parameters of the App can be configured according to each specific need (types of signals, timing, alarm mode and contacts). The privacy of workers is fully protected thanks to explicit access requests made every time the device is switched on: the operator may decide in person what information to share, and when.


All the planned functionalities involve the possibility of managing a series of emergency situations within business hours. In particular, the mobile app is able to:

Pannello di configurazione

Work shifts

Ask the ÖBB server to detect when the employee is working during a shift.

Bacchetta magica

Private mode

Provide a private user mode, outside of business hours, in which some functionalities are deactivated or act according to different logics.

Allarme da smartphone

Noiseless and noisy alarm mode

Provide two alarm modes: noiseless and noisy, which are triggered in different ways: manually (following an impact); due to extended lack of movement; or with a key combination from the locked phone.

Notifica Push

Automatic emergency SMS sending

Automatic sending to the security numbers, that can be set-up, a series of SMS containing the GPS coordinates and the information on the type of alarm triggered.

Messaggio diretto

Automatic emergency calls

Automatic emergency call (for the duration of the silent alarm) to allow the operator to listen in real-time to the environmental audio.



Display the report on the calls made.

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