Sede SCC Custom a Mestre

App for managing after-sales customer support

Netrising developed for SCC – Service Center Custom – a personalized app to meet the needs of modern customer support management services.

The SCC – Service Center Custom allows technicians to receive reserved push notifications through the management system integration, for real-time updates on the interventions to carry out, to which they can answer in order to modify the status of the assistance request.

The App is also a useful tool for clients that request assistance, because it allows the clients to locate all the SCC – Service Center Custom locations on the national territory, showing them on an interactive map. It also allows contacting directly the help desk contact person.

App Service Center Custom - Schermata principale con pulsanti chiamata e invio email
Schermata principale
App Service Center Custom - Contatti dei tecnici Help Desk
Contatti dei tecnici dell'Help Desk
App Service Center Custom - Notifiche Push riservate agli operatori con possibilità di risposta diretta
Notifiche Push riservate
App Service Center Custom - Mappa dei centri di assistenza presenti in Italia
Mappa dei Centri Assistenza

SCC - Service Center Custom

Service Center Custom, personalized assistance for every client

It is a service founded in 2001 and now become an important one – a next business day service – that is highly specialized, capable of guaranteeing a SLA in 8 hours, thanks to a dedicated staff of 300 specialized technicians.

Every day, 50 telephone lines are dedicated to answer technical questions offering dedicated consulting services and information support on all the products and software offered by the CUSTOM GROUP, including for the POS and Retail division as well as OEM products.

The App for the specialized technical service

From the technician's point of view

The app developed by Netrising for SCC was created to improve the work of technicians and personnel that often find themselves working on the move:

Notifica Push

Push Notifications

The App allows the technicians to know, in real-time which cash register needs assistance, to repair it as soon as possible.


Documentation area

The App makes use of an area where it is possible to access specific documentation

Automation, business intelligence and technical implementation are three assets around which the Custom’s Service Center rotates, a veritable full-range management service for the fleet within the points of sale of Custom’s clients: from new store opening, to technical refurbishing, through a periodic inspection of the taxable products all the way to the EXTRA SERVICE management (transfers, company name changes, location changes, closures).


All the planned functionalities involve the possibility of managing a series of emergency situations within business hours.


Direct contacts

Through the app every client can contact a specific technician among the list of operators.

Stretta di mano

Support network

The Custom support network ensures service by professional technicians, a team working closely together and with proven efficiency.

2 computer

Integrated with the management system

The app integrates with SCC’s management system and makes it possible to have the necessary information always updated and present on different devices.

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