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Sisal terminals monitoring App

The experience and knowhow, combined with the search for new frontiers in technology led Netrising to create an app to monitor the Sisal terminals.

A monitoring solution that allows collecting for each “Smart Point” the data related to their status and a complete and integrated monitoring tool that is activated in the background of the devices with submission of the data in remote control mode to Sisal without the need for a physical intervention by specialized technicians.

The goal, in fact, is to create a database that in the future will allow to perform statistical analyses and, consequently, may lead to the resolution of critical issues in the management of the terminals.

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An Italian story of innovation and tradition

Sisal is a large Italian group active in Gaming and Payment Services. 
With more than 1,780 employees and a network of 44,870 sales outlets. It manages a wide range of on and off-line games: lotteries, bets, casino games and Entertainment Devices (ADI).

Sisal - Affiliated Points of Sale under control

Netrising, based on the analysis of data provided, created a solution based on 3 main components: a Foreground App for the visualization and administration of data, a “Background Service” component, always active and equipped with automatic start-up, and a connection driver for API servers

Pannello di configurazione

Foreground Application

It allows adding and editing the data related to the App configuration.

More specifically, the access password for the App; the Sisal server addresses set up for the collection of data generated by the App; timer, intervals and time frames related to the frequency and sampling of the connection data, communication latency with the server and data sending interval.


Background service

The Background Service is an always active component that activates automatically, capable of performing a polling on the connectivity status of the device.

The component can monitor, at regular intervals, the connection status (on or off); the communication latency with the Sisal servers (ping activity); saving data on the device in the case of no connection; identification of the Serial Number of the device or the Mac Address of the network interface; as well as the ability to connect to the Sisal server at specific time intervals to send the data collected.

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API connection Driver

It is a component designed along with Sisal that defines the connection and data exchange methods with the Sisal servers.

In particular, the design included: the methods of data configuration updating; the format of the data collected and any authentication methods.

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