The App Store turns 10

It has already been 10 years since the introduction of the App Store in our lives and today, with more than 500 published apps, it has become a revolutionary instrument in the field of work, games and travel, in addition to many other industries. A marketplace available to 155 different countries where people can download apps safely.

There have been many memorable moments since the beginning of the App Store, that we can summarize in a few simple points:

The App Store has opened its doors to developers, putting into the hands of consumers a whole new experience.

Before 2008, the software industry was dominated by a few but established companies. The App Store opened its doors to all developers, whether they were freelancers or big studios, who watched their new ideas evolve until they became apps famous worldwide.

A business that makes mobile phones the protagonists.

Apps such as the game Temple Run, that in a few years were downloaded more than a billion times, studios like Imangi that grew from two people to a team of 35 individuals: an exponential growth, without signs of stopping.

The gaming sector took off, reaching new fans all over the world.

Classic games and a little retro, like Super Mario, renew themselves and find their target audience. Other new games instead are born and grow so quickly to become viral: this is the case of Candy Crush, a very popular game in the past 10 years. Apps, today more than ever, are rewriting an important page in the chapter of gaming.

In-app functionality, for everyone to experience.

In-app purchases allow developers to monetize free apps, which can test and unlock paid features and levels, which is one way to collect and retain customers, like any other conventional marketing channel.

Entertainment becomes streaming.

Channels like HBO, Hulu, Netflix have created an app capable of making use of the capabilities that new mobile phones offer: with the omnipresence of the Internet it is possible to connect anywhere and enjoy through on-demand apps any favourite TV shows and videos, at any time of the day. Will we say goodbye to television?

Productivity and creativity enter the schools.

With the App Store, and above all, with the launch of the iPad, millions of schools decided that it was time to abandon the old teaching methods and implement more avant-garde tools. Thanks to this versatile tool, more than 1.3 million apps have been designed specifically for iPads, which allow students to take lessons beyond the classroom.

studente fa operazioni matematiche con ipad
Creativity, productivity and educational apps enable students to learn in fun and engaging ways.

Fitness and health apps increase in popularity.

Maybe it is time to review the role of the personal coach: an app capable of suggesting you how to exercise and that can monitor your habits and your diet. The App Store and large brands like Nike, Zova, and more have bet on wellness apps in the last years and now they are reaping the benefits of this new way of experiencing sport.

Programming as a launchpad for the future generations.

The young people of today are natives of technology. The technological revolution of the recent years has led many young people to have familiarity with all the various digital tools since a young age, so much as to have Apple bet on them. Starting in 2013, Apple awarded scholarships to about 150 students and in 2018 this number grew to over 350 talented students and members of the STEM organization from 42 different countries.

studenti in posa a un meeting organizzato da Apple
The students on which Apple invests are committed to improving their software development capabilities, travelling from all over the world to learn.

Augmented Reality gets us ready for the future.

Born years ago, augmented reality was designed, tested, and implemented up to reaching unimaginable objectives. It does not really matter that to date people have associated Augmented reality solely to apps such as Pokemon GÓ or Snapchat pictures. Thanks to augmented reality soon the time will come when it will be possible to drive a car, operate on a patient and discover new frontiers supported by this reality full of possibilities.