Mobile Apps Development

Whatever your company needs, Netrising has the right App!
Since 2012, we have been developing applications for iPhones and Android™, we have created over 400 Apps that meet the needs of our clients to simplify, improve and make business grow.

The Netrising Apps are simple and easy to use, making it possible for all commercial activities to have their own custom mobile application without needing to know how to program. They are the ideal tool for the digital strategy with which to create a direct communication channel, create customer loyalty, manage home delivery of orders, simplify the booking of services, supply exclusive multimedia content and offer one’s clients an innovative and involving tool.

Discover our Apps!

Netrising App Business


The ideal App to present one’s products, services, simple and intuitive for clients, easy to manage and update.

Netrising App Self Order

Self Order

App for the restaurant industry, the integrated tool to manage take-out orders and home delivery of pizza and restaurants.

Netrising App Booking Calendario


The App to manage the booking of a service or space, perfect for gyms, hairstylists, and beauty salons.

Netrising App Fidelity


The App to make your point collection smart and create customer loyalty for retail stores and bars, without needing plastic cards.

Netrising App Geolocalizzazione


The App that brings you to your destination, revealing the position of the device and marking your points of interest along the way.

Netrising App Autenticazione

Client Management

The App that recognizes users, making it possible for them to access exclusive content and receive confidential notifications.

Netrising App Realta Aumentata

Augmented Reality

The App that brings your products into a new dimension, augmenting reality with 3D models and exclusive multimedia audio and video content.

Netrising App Servizi Pubblico

Public Services

The App developed for public administration, to present services to the community and offer a communication channel that is direct and innovative.

Netrising App Corrispettivi

Submission of Payments

The App that simplifies telematic submission to the Revenue Agency, for managers of coin exchangers, cash dispensers and ATMs

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