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The appointment booking App

Make the booking of appointments and classes smart using the Netrising Booking App!

The Netrising Booking App introduces your classes and services and allows your clients to book an appointment by selecting the operator, day and hour, directly from the App.

Netrising Booking App is extremely versatile and can be perfectly adapted to the needs of gyms, fitness club, personal trainer, hairstylists and beauty centers.

Netrising App Booking Palestra
Schermata principale
Netrising App Booking Gommista
Scelta professionista
Netrising App Booking Crossfit
Orario giornaliero corsi
Netrising App Booking Parrucchiere
Scelta trattamento/servizio


Pannello di configurazione


The functions of the Netrising Booking App can be completely customized: business hours, class hours, appointment duration, type of services offered are all managed from the control panel.


Self-service booking

With Netrising Booking App it is the client that books automatically its classes and appointments selecting the operator, date and service compatible with the availability


Operator sheet

For each operator (hairstylist, esthetician, personal trainer) a photo can be added, along with professional information and social links

Notifica Push

Push Notifications

Is it almost time for the appointment? An automatic reminder Push Notification can be sent to the client! Push notifications can also be a great way to communicate special offers and news to clients


Appointment calendar

From the control panel you can access the appointment calendar in which the operators and the active bookings are listed. The App becomes a web management tool to manage your entire business.


Product and service sheet

The Netrising Booking App is a great tool to introduce services and classes, through photos, videos, and PDF files that can be browsed through the App


For the client

Easy appointment booking, any moment, from anywhere!
Choose the operator directly (hairstylist, esthetician or personal trainer) and the services you want to book
You will not lose track of any appointment thanks to the list of appointments booked and the reminder Push Notifications

For the manager

The Booking App is unique and exclusive, Netrising will create for you a personalized App with your logo and the color of your business

You can configure and personalize business hours, classes, professionals, duration, and costs through the control panel

Stop the lining up and the continuous ringing of the phone! The registered client will book directly with an automatic procedure, to reduce the time dedicated to appointment bookings

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