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Customer management

Client Management App

Netrising has created an App that helps firms and professionals in the management of clients.

The business world expects an increase use of smartphones and tablets to improve the efficiency of its operation: client authentication and reserved areas allow sharing confidential documents with selected clients in real time.

Netrising App Autenticazione Form Login
Netrising App Autenticazione Area Riservata
Netrising App Autenticazione Form Personalizzata
Netrising App Autenticazione Notifiche Push

To improve the work flow for accountants, lawyers, engineers and all other professionals who need a secure channel where to load specific contents or make their services and experience in the field be known.

There are a variety of exclusive features: it is possible to create a reserved area with documents, files, links and incorporate a variety of access profiles, it is possible to send direct push notifications to selected users regarding deadlines, events, courses, information as well as provide certificates and electronic signatures.



Web control panel

The App is managed from the web-based control panel from which it is possible to enable clients, upload confidential content and submit Push notifications


Decide what to show and to who

You can manage the visibility of reserved contents directly by choosing to which clients or groups of clients to show them


Customer registration

To access confidential contents, clients must sign-up with the App thus creating a personal ID sheet

Notifica Push

Confidential push notifications

Confidential push notifications allow managing the submission of memos and notifications to one’s clients


Catalogs and price lists are always at your fingertip

In the Reserved Area it is possible to upload catalogs and price lists in PDF format, viewable only by the registered clients and always updated


Introduce your products and services

Introduce to your clients your products and services through the photo gallery, product sheets, videos and public PDFs in the App


For the client

Catalogs, documents and information are available at any time from within the App

Find out immediately if a new document is available within the App through exclusive Push notifications

Easily contact your professional of reference with fast connections to emails and phone calls

For the professional

Simply the sharing of documents reserved to specific groups or individual users

Profile your clients to offer targeted communications and increase interaction

Personalize the customer experience with information on your products or services

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