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The App for retail store loyalty cards

Transform occasional clients into regular clients with the Netrising Fidelity App!

The Netrising Fidelity App is for customized loyalty cards for your retail store, easy to use it makes it possible to keep track of visits and purchases to collect reward points.

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By making the plastic cards digital and making the flow of information automatic and completely digital (thanks to the use of barcodes and QR codes), reward pointsand loyalty card and balance will always be under control and easily accessible by the customers, at any time, all inside the App.


Codice QR


The Netrising Fidelity App is compatible with different technologies of identification and data transmission (EAN bar codes, QR code)


Reward catalog

With the Netrising Fidelity App, you will be able to create a prize catalog choosing the rewards and setting the loyalty points necessary

Pannello di configurazione

Control panel

From the control panel the store owner can configure how the reward points work and set up the prize catalog


Client area

Inside the App, the client can view his/her loyalty card, check the points and visits balance in real time, and browse the reward catalog

Notifica Push

Push Notifications

With every purchase, the client is notified of the updated reward points balance through a push notification and when the client reaches a threshold to claim a prize, this will be also be notified through a confidential Push notification.


Management integration

Do you already use a store management system? Netrising Fidelity can be integrated with the most popular cash desk management system. Alternatively, the web-based version that works through the web panel is available


For the client

No more lost points because you forgot your loyalty card and you can see the balance on your smartphone anywhere, anytime

Without a plastic card, have more space in your wallet

You will be notified when you reach enough points for a reward with a confidential Push Notification

For the manager

Reduce management costs related to the plastic loyalty cards

For the Personal Push notifications you can communicate offers and new arrivals with an aimed marketing campaign

The Netrising Fidelity App works both with the integration mode and without, to adapt to the flow of purchases of your store.

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