Lettore automatico di dati da smartphone a vending machine

Submission of Payments

Submission of Payments App with Direct connection with the Revenue Agency

Telematic laws are pesky: Netrising helps you in a practical manner.

Law Decree No.127/2015 as well as other related regulations establish that, all owners of equipment defined as ‘vending machines’, must notify the Revenue Agency the data related to the payments received at the point of sale of the automatic dispenser Certainly it is not easy given that it is possible to err and forget. For this reason, Netrising with its App wishes to simplify the procedure through an innovative App: the Submission of Payment App

Netrising App Corrispettivi letture
Netrising App Corrispettivi Invio
Netrising App Corrispettivi Notifiche Push
Netrising App Corrispettivi Licenza

This App is ideal for all those devices that are not equipped with a “communication port” and for which the manager must submit data related to sales performed. For this device, an audit must be performed as per government order then the data can be entered in the smartphone connected to the manager’s data.

By entering the license and the data of the device, in a few steps the information will be sent officially, saving considerable time


Messaggio diretto

Direct connection with the Revenue Agency

The direct connection with the Revenue Agency allows avoiding brokers and exploits the App’s potential at its best.


Time savings

Considerable time savings for those who must submit manually the data to the Revenue Agency.

Allarme da smartphone

Easy to use

The App is easy to use also for those who are familiar with bureaucracy or those who are just beginners.


Browsable data

Other data related to the various Vending Machines can be browsed through the App.


For the vending machine manager

App ease of use
Time savings
Direct connection with the Revenue Agency

For the vending machine manufacturer

Increased revenues
An innovative tool to be introduced to clients
Vending machine also in compliance with the regulations

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